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Materials Appearing On This Site and Actions
Including text, courses, examinations, site design, logos, graphics, icons, images as well as selection, assembly and their arrangement, all materials appearing on this site are the exclusive property of Professional Bank Marketing Strategies, Inc., an Illinois Corporation and the parent company of CEDaddy™. Materials denoted by the symbol © are to be considered and treated as copyrighted material.

You may use the content of this site for the purpose of enrollment, purchase, and to study and test in order to satisfy your educational Certification and Compliance needs and for no other purpose unless expressly agreed upon in writing.

A party found to have completed any examination in this site by third party, or by any form of proxy, so as to unlawfully deceive and thereby receive Certification for Compliance to renew a license in any state shall be deemed not to be in Compliance. He/she shall have those unlawfully gained, and therefore unearned, credit hours revoked, and the Department of Insurance of that state shall be immediately notified. In such a case, you hold Professional Bank Marketing Strategies, Inc. and CEDaddy harmless as to any remedy carried out by that authority and any subsequent result(s) such action might engender.

We reserve all rights. Materials from this site may not be copied, reproduced, modified, republished, uploaded to another site, posted in any other place whether online or offline, transmitted or distributed by any means or in any form without our express, written permission. Unauthorized use of materials from this site may violate and infringe upon copyright, trademark and/or other laws that may be deemed applicable which may result in criminal and/or civil forfeiture.

Credit Card and Money Transactions
We accept all forms of legal tender including money orders, cashier's checks, Company checks (U.S. dollars) and cash (U.S. dollars) as well as the following credit cards: Visa, Master Card and Discover. We do not surcharge for the use of credit cards. Only correct information entered during the check-out and payment process is acceptable. Incorrect information will result in delay. Your credit card will be billed immediately that your order is entered. Book orders are shipped no later than the next business day. Orders for any form of online completion are processed and you are notified and provided with your link to the course(s) you ordered immediately that your credit card order is successfully processed. In the case of Money transactions that are not honored (such as insufficient funds or stop-payment checks) you will be charged the amount that our financial institution levies against our account for that oversight or action. In the event that you stop payment on a check as your method to rescind or cancel your order, you are still liable for any charges we may incur as a result of your action.

Links That May Appear On Our Site
Our site may contain links that exit our site and transfer you to a site we do not own; the content and operation of which is not subject to our discretion or within our control. You agree we are not responsible for the content of such sites. You agree to hold us harmless for any circumstance or incident engendered after exiting our site to another by use of such a link. Our privacy policy is expressed in this site. It does not extend to the privacy policy of any other site. We recommend you consult every site's privacy policy as a routine activity.

Refunds, Changes and Exchanges
We reserve the right to determine policy in this section on a case by case basis. We recognize that there are many reasons why a refund or exchange of values might be necessary or desirable (e.g., if you find you initially ordered a course that would not be eligible for credit and need to exchange for one that would be eligible). From our perspective, you cannot be held accountable it if you become ill, or have a death in the family. There will be no penalty or additional charge for such justifiable reasons. However, in the event you request a refund in order to satisfy your requirement through another provider, or if you subsequently decide not to renew your license, that is conscious decision and you can be held accountable. In such cases and possible others not expressed herein where conscious decision applies, we reserve the right to charge up to $15 "manpower" or "processing" fee. There are no fees for equal exchanges or to simply change an Ethics or other type of Class enrollment date. We do not refund money if you fail to pass an exam for any course, or if you simply fail to negotiate the course for credit within the allotted time. We exercise no discretion or control over formal state license examination administrators. We are not responsible in any way, shape or manner for forfeits because a Pre-license candidate did not attend their formal state license examination.

Shipping Policy
When there are no special requests, we ship paper book orders free of charge as "Media Mail". In the event that a client requests any other form of shipping, the exact charge of that shipping method will be added to the total of his/her order. UPS, FedEx and other shipping methods can be quite costly, and our method helps keep the total cost of your education at the lowest possible point.

Although we do not charge a price for books, and we do not charge for traditional shipping, significant manpower is still required to process and complete the number of paper book orders we receive.

Therefore, we charge a fee for that manpower (Processing). "Processing" includes (1) pulling the correct book from our library, (2) inserting the correct exam, (3) preparing the mailing material [or in the case of special requests, the appropriate method of delivery], (4) delivering the material to the sender, (5) grading the completed examination by hand, and (6) manually transmitting the course credits. It is your Processing fee that allows us to employ a team of people to satisfy book orders.

Our course fee is a fee for service. We will not charge taxes in any state that does not require taxation for that service fee, processing fees, or shipping fees. Required State Transmission fees are paid to the state, itself, or to state contracted and authorized vendors such as PearsonVUE, SBS, and so on. If you live in a state that requires taxation of the above fees, taxes have already been added to the fees displayed for your state on our site and in our cart system. We will levy no charge in excess of the total fees disclosed to you prior to check out.

Fees, Terms and Specials
We reserve the right to exercise sole discretion over price, fee, as well as terms and conditions of traditional and special offerings. It is our right to change our fees and the method of charging for our services at any time, inclusive of administration of penalty fees and/or fees charged to us by a state or financial institution. No change will be retroactive unless rendered legally necessary by any state or federal implementation or subsequent action of law.

Your Agreement
By purchasing and utilizing any of the products and services provided through this site, you are thereby agreeing to the Terms and Conditions expressed herein. Regardless of any Terms and Conditions you may alternately find attached to any order or product, you agree that the Terms and Conditions contained herein shall serve to supersede any other.

If any single part of this set of Terms and Conditions is found to be inconsistent with the law of any state or governing body, it shall not serve to invalidate all of the remaining parts.