Your Privacy

We require sufficient information from you to communicate, take payment, and transmit successful course completions on your behalf. Pre-licensing students may be required to provide their social security number in states in which we are responsible for setting up their initial Producer Data File. This is the first step to secure a new National Producer Number (NPN).

We have advanced electronic security systems in place to protect your credit card information as well as your stored personal information. Therefore, we protect your personal information to at least the same degree that we protect our own business and personal information. We abide by the disclosure/non-disclosure and Privacy laws of all states as well as those provided for by U.S. Standards.

In order to provide you with personal service which could include a discussion of your personal information, you must answer personal questions that will help us identify you. We will not disclose information to any party, or about any party, we cannot with absolute certainty identify as an authorized recipient.

We do not sell, disclose, offer or otherwise convey any information about you to any third party whatsoever. The only exception to any of our privacy practices is if we are required to disclose information by appropriate action of law.

Our employees who manage information are required to enter into binding non-disclosure agreements.

From time to time we may provide you with important information concerning changes in requirements, industry updates, changes in class schedules, successful transmission of your course credit hours, new course availability and so on. We will do this from our office via email, therefore we advise you to make sure we are not blocked as "spam". We will not provide your email address to any third party.

Payment Processing