Illinois Producer Alert

CEDaddy has made the decision to schedule the 3 Hour Illinois
Producer Ethics Requirement strictly as Live Webinars.

Live Classes will still be scheduled on request for groups, agencies and companies. Fees will be determined by the number of enrollees for the class date and location.

To see the calendar and times for CEDaddy Live Ethics Webinars and to compare Webinar + Online CE package rates CLICK HERE.

Beginning January 11, 2019 CEDaddy will no longer schedule Classroom Ethics.

Live Ethics Webinars are less expensive than class, and the Producer's cost of packages including both Ethics and Online CE are far less expensive than a live class.

Webinars allow for less disruption of a day, less down time, no driving time, no toll fees to get to class, no out of office time for both Producers and Employees and are held regardless of the inclement weather conditions. Live Webinars can even be taken from home.