SmartStart Career Training Series

SmartStart Auto SmartStart Property SmartStart Commercial

SmartStart Auto 101

Personal Auto Producers and CSRs.  Kick start or refresh career know how.  3 hour class combined with 6 CE hour online companion course totals 9 credit hours.  License not required to attend, but is required to earn CE credit.
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SmartStart Property 101

Producers and CSR's Kick start or refresh a career selling property insurance.  4 hour class and 8 hour online study course.  Producers earn 12 CE credit hours.  License not required to attend but is required to earn CE Credit.
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SmartStart Auto & Property 101 Package

SmartStart Personal Auto and Property Package for CSR's and Producers. 7 hour class and 2 companion study courses= 21 total credit hours. 9 am - 5 pm lunch provided
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SmartStart Commercial 101

Producers & CSR's Learn about Commercial Insurance and how to properly complete Acord Forms.  19 Credit Hours Total Includes 7 hour Class plus 12 hour Companion CE course.
9am-5pm Lunch is provided.
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SmartStart Auto, Property & Commercial 101 Bundle

SmartStart Complete Bundle Includes 2 Classroom Days Lunch Provided
Personal Auto, Personal Property and Commercial Auto and Property
Includes properly completing Acord Forms
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What is SmartStart?

SmartStart is comprehensive Interactive training in Auto, Property and/or Commercial products and sales for newly licensed P&C Producers, CSR's or existing Producers & CSRs. Teaching for each line includes class with an experience professional and an accompanying companion Interactive Online course.

SmartStart provides product knowledge, field underwriting training, market training and how-to enabling new Producers and CSRs to begin selling products immediately. Each class features its own accompanying Online Interactive companion course.

SmartStart Auto = 9 Credit Hours SmartStart Property = 12 Credit Hours SmartStart Commercial = 19 Credit Hours Complete Package = the total combined per-line Credit Hours

Why SmartStart?

Kickstart, expand market, or revitalize a career
A well-trained Producer or CSR will have greater confidence, be immediately productive, and can begin building personal and agency income immediately.

SmartStart can eliminate days or weeks of product and sales training for a new recruit. SmartStart saves you and your agency time and money.

Agencies will retain promising recruits and CSRs instead of losing them. No more wasted recruiting and training time.

SmartStart graduates can call or email CEDaddy anytime for support.

SmartStart courses include E&O training to protect the student and agency.

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